Return Policy

*RIA - Returned Items Authorization

Receiving Your Order

Open all boxes immediately and check contents. We must be notified of any damaged or defective products within 2 business days of you receiving your products. In order to serve you better, we request that you also inspect all of your products for obvious defects/blemishes within 2 days of receiving them.

Wrong Products Received

It is very rare that you will receive an incorrect product; we double-check all orders before we ship them. However, if we made a mistake/error in shipping, please contact us. We will issue an RIA number and return instructions on how and where to return the product. We will ship you the correct product and pay the shipping costs both ways.

If you ordered the incorrect product and would like to return it, then please see the "Returns" section.

Shipping Damage

If the packaging appears damaged on the outside, please refuse to accept it from the carrier; or please make sure when signing the shipper's proof-of-delivery slip, you include a note stating the package is or appears damaged. If you do accept a damaged shipment, please contact us immediately. Depending on the product and where/how it was shipped, it may be necessary for you to deal with the carrier.

Also, if there was any internal (non-visible) damage, this will need to be reported to us or the carrier within two days of receiving the product.

Defective Products

It should be very rare that you will receive a defective product; we double-check all orders before we ship them.

NO Skateboard deck is completely guaranteed. Once the deck has been installed, used, or griptaped it cannot be returned or refunded.

  1. Must be within 30 days from the day you received the item
  2. Clothing item must not have been worned or washed
  3. Skateboard deck must not be installed, used, or griptaped
  4. The item must be in perfect resalable condition in the original packaging
  5. The item must be listed on our site; custom orders or quoted items are non-returnable
  6. Item must have been shipped by a Common Carrier (UPS/FedEx/USPS)

If the above criteria is met, then we will issue an RIA number.

If you ordered the wrong products and wish to return the product, you will need to contact us and request an RIA number.

Please DO NOT return any product that you have ordered without contacting us. This will make processing your return credit very difficult and may delay your return credit.

NON Returnable Items
  • Items in your possession for more than 30 days may not be returned.
  • Items that have been installed, used, griptaped, washed, or worn may not be returned.
  • Items that don't have original packaging may not be returned.
  • Items that are quoted (not listed on our web site) or custom ordered may not be returned.
RIA Explanation
Returned Goods Authorization (RIA)

When it is necessary to return a product, please contact us prior to doing so. All returns, regardless of how they were shipped or where they were shipped from must be referenced by an RIA Number. Packages returned to us without an RIA number will be refused and returned to you.

When you request an RIA to return a product, we will either email you or contact you by phone and issue the RIA at that time along with instructions on how to return the item(s). The instructions for return must be followed carefully.

Once the product has been received, it will be inspected and you will be credited for the returned product less the applicable restocking fee and original shipping and processing charges.

Restocking Fee

All returns are subject to a restocking fee. We have a standard restocking fee of 15% on all returned items. If you wish to return a product but do not place a reorder, the restocking fee will be 15%. If a reorder is placed for a similar product costing about the same amount or more as the original item, the restocking fee will be reduced from 15% to 10%.

For a product to be considered a "reorder", it must be for a product that directly replaces the item that is being returned, in both price and type. For example: If a $15.00 T-shirt is returned, the reorder must be for a T-shirt that costs the same price.

If for some reason the reorder must be returned, the restocking fee for the return of the reorder will be at least 25%.

Your reorder must be placed prior to your credit being processed. If you wish to reorder right away, reference will be made to your return on your reorder to ensure that you receive the lower restocking fee. If you need to apply your credit to your reorder, you can do so, but we will need to receive the product and/or credit for the product before doing so.

There is substantial cost in processing orders and shipping products. There is also cost in returning products: messages must be answered, RIA's issued, products received and restocked, paperwork processed and mailed, etc. Therefore, a restocking fee is required in order to keep our prices at their lowest.


If you have any other return questions, please contact us before placing your order.

RIA Request

If you have read and understand our return policy, and would like to request an RIA number, please contact us to begin the process.

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