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Sizes: 7.75, 8.0, 8.25, and 8.5



Pop Monster

Pop Monster

Item #: MONSTERPOP-sk8

Price: $60.00 (w/o grip tape)


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At Underground, we take pride in our skateboards and it shows! We are proud of the fact that our graphics aren't mass produced in some factory, over and over again... like some demonic cookie cutter. And while the deck itself may be made in an factory, you can be rest assured that it's located right here in the USA! It is also the same factory that produces decks for some of the top name skate brands.

Our philosophy is simple, to keep our core beliefs the same as skater's beliefs: to be edgy in the public eye and have a strong anti-establishment sentiment. Skateboarders have always gone against the grain and back in the 1980's the skate industry did too. Then something happened... the skate industry started going with grain and started becoming these multi-million dollar industries that only care about the botton line... which is the money... not the skaters.

Underground is reversing that industry trend and taking it back to its roots. Back to a time when a company cared about its boards not its "board room". Back to a time when the graphics meant something to the individual skater.

Every single one of our board's colors and graphics are done with our hands. So while we are able to recreate the same design, no two boards WILL EVER be exactly alike. This also gives you the ability to have YOUR skateboard custom made just for you!

Skate our decks and... become part of the Underground!

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